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Jim Ivy

Jim Ivy

Jim Ivy has been helping Central Texan's find a home that makes them smile since 1979!

From small starter homes to homes in the most exclusive neighborhoods, experience has taught Jim a lot of things - the most important is that buying or selling a home is about you. Satisfying your unique desires, wants, and needs is the essential element in finding the home that will put a smile on your face.

Whether you are looking for a new home, or want to sell your current house, Jim's goal is to put a smile on your face!

When you want a home that makes you smile, choose Jim Ivy!

When you want a home that makes you smile!

You have come to the right place. Please, have a look around. You may want to get started by using the home search box at the top of this page.  Just type in an address, zip code, neighborhood name, etc. and see what homes you find. As you become more familiar with the tool you will be able to narrow your search.

Remember, many of the better homes are sold before they are ever advertised! If you are serious about finding just the right home, you should contact me immediately. I often know of homes that will be coming on to the market before they are listed in the online search engines.

You can use the form below to contact me with any questions about the real estate or my services. No question is too mundane and there is no cost for asking a question.  I want to help!


Jim, I want a home that makes me smile!
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