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When you want a home that makes you smile!

Jim IvyFrom small starter homes to homes in the most exclusive neighborhoods, experience has taught Jim a lot of things - the most important is that buying or selling a home is about you. Satisfying your unique desires, wants, and needs is the essential element in finding the home that will put a smile on your face.

Jim grew up in Huntsville, Alabama, a sleepy cotton town that had suddenly become the center of the nation's space race! Even though Jim grew up surrounded by engineers and rocket scientists, he found that he was better with a clarinet than with a slide rule! When the time came, Jim went to the University of Alabama to study music - a decision that undoubtedly greatly benefited the world of science and engineering.  

Jim came to Austin in 1969 to attend graduate school at the University of Texas. After completing his graduate degree, he became a band director in Austin. He taught there until 1979 when he became interested in real estate and began selling homes in Austin. In his new profession, Jim soon found that the same skills that had helped him to be a successful teacher also stood him in good stead when working with home buyers and sellers.

JIm is still a performing musician and leads a traditional Dixieland band comprised of some of the best traditional jazz musicians in the Austin area. Jim is also a grandfather with four grown children and four wonderful grandchildren who "live much too far away".  His most constant companion is Max, a small dog with a large character!

When Jim is not working with clients, he is either performing jazz or he and Max are likely to be exploring the twisty, curvy backroads of Central Texas in his 4x4 and travel trailer.  

Jim & Max enjoy some time off!
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